A new era in sports betting

Live betting is the new black. Ever had the feeling that you know how the game you are watching is going to end? Now you can place your bets while the action is taking place. Let's be frank, every prediction made in advance is (regardless of all pre-event analyses) a shot in the dark. Live sports betting is a dream come true for those of us who want to make their mind up according to the actual situation. The most advanced Live betting websites have an In-play section, in which they stream much more events than the conventional TV channels do. Live-stream is a subject which shouldn't be underestimated at all, as it's a big advantage for the bettor to be able to watch the event he/she is betting on. Usually, the only requirement, in order to watch the streams is to have a funded account with the bookmaker.

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Live sports betting Q&A

How long does it take for a bet to be accepted?

Not more than 10 seconds in most cases. There is a certain delay in the live-stream itself, though. Basically, this delay is not over 5 to 6 seconds, but this matter depends on the individual bookmaker's streaming platform. All featured sportsbooks have been checked and their live data and stream quality approved.

How do I know if there are live streams from the events I want to bet on?

The best betting sites have easy navigation, so you will meet no difficulties finding out which events are aired. In case the particular event you want to bet on isn't available to watch, you can still read some text updates or listen to the live commentary.

Can I use my mobile device for live sports betting?

At most bookmakers, yes. The spread of mobile technologies has resulted in significant improvement in mobile live betting. The quality of the services is as good as it is on traditional websites. In order to gain more attention to their mobile betting product, bookmakers offer special bonuses and promotions to customers who use it.

Is there any risk in live betting at all?

No, not really. Not in terms of security, at least. As we mentioned above, nowadays mobile websites and applications are absolutely reliable. The only risk is not picking the right bets. :)


The best live betting bookmakers

Bet365 are, by all means, leaders in Live betting. With literally hundreds of thousands live-event markets annually, they are known to offer the vastest range of possible live bets. We have already discussed the importance of Live stream in terms of general quality of the Live sports betting services. Bet365 won us over mostly because of their Live stream feature which is easy to navigate and, honestly, the most complete one we've seen so far. In order to be able to watch the streams, you just need to have a funded account (the amount of money in it is not important). Bet365 offer very wide Live-football bets, obviously. Beside that, the thing that makes them special is the very rich Horse racing, Greyhounds racing and Tennis markets. In addition, there is a 'Quick bet' option which allows you to place your In-play bets right away.

Another significant peculiarity of Bet365 Live-betting platform is that (in general) you can place bets in every single minute of the event you've chosen. Unlike many other bookmakers, Bet365 rarely suspend their offers, no matter if the outcome of the particular event is 'clear' or not. As a traditional British bookmaker (Bet365 headquarters are in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, where the company was established), they are really into Horse racing. This dedication has resulted in a tremendous variety of covered races and markets respectively. The Horse racing promotions and bonuses at Bet365 are various. 'Best odds guaranteed' is the most famous one, but these of you who enjoy watching races on Chanel 4 may be fascinated by 'Price Promise', an offer which ensures you get the best odds of all bookmakers for these particular races. Their football and Greyhounds bonuses are not any worse by any means. Bet365 offer one of the best overall odds on the internet, thus we had no doubts and put them at the top of our list.

Betfair are performing well enough to have a place in out best Live sports betting bookmakers list. Their 'In-play' (as they name Live-betting) section definitely is world class. First of all, there is the Betfair TV, a feature that enables you to watch almost any horse race or tennis match on this planet. Betfair's live-stream covers even football games from competitions you have probably never heard of. Recently, Betfair introduced a new live-betting feature, simply called 'Cash Out'. What is it about? In brief: by using 'Cash Out' you may withdraw your money before the game/race has finished. It's really valuable when you want to secure your winnings or to cut losses. Betfair offer a pretty nice 50% bonus on your first 'Cash Out', which is limited to £25. Notable for their bonuses and promotions, Betfair have a lot to offer to newcomers. If you don't have an account with them yet, you will certainly benefit by opening one.

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