Overall Survey of the Best Bookmakers

How choose the right bookmaker is a question that may be difficult to answer if you haven't spent some time researching. All sportsbooks advertised on the web claim to be the best. The truth is some are certainly far from being even decent. Reputation is as crucial for a bookmaker as it is for a bank or another financial institution, for instance. Our research on bookmakers' sustainability confirmed the commonly-known fact that UK's traditional sportsbooks deserve credit for their trustworthy approach. All bookmakers presented on our site have won bettors' admirations. They are secure, fair and reliable. Security, though being the most important, is not the sole criterion that makes the difference between a top-class and a mediocre bookmaker. The variety of betting markets, the odds given, bonuses and promotions offered are other key factors which should be considered.


Bookmakers Offering the Best Odds

Let's say the bookmaker you are about to sign up with meets your security standards. The odds offered there are the second issue you should think of. Your aim is to make some profit out of your bets, right? The odds for a particular event may vary drastically from one bookmaker to another. There is a simple explanation for that: most popular sportsbooks base their margins on the quantity of the bets they receive. Namely because many people use their services, the biggest bookmakers can afford to offer odds that are close to the ultimate values. Our team has compared all well-known bookmakers and we have reached the conclusion that probably Ladbrokes are the best. This estimate is not absolute, of course. Mainly owing to the thousands of betting markets offered by leading bookmakers, there is no sportsbook whose odds are always better. Still, in a way of closing the subject: in terms of their overall performance Ladbrokes are doing great.

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Bet365 are another world-class bookmaker. Mostly famous for their bonus programme, they have many reasons to praise themselves. Their live betting section is very well developed, the odds they offer are constantly good. A big advantage for Bet365 is that they don't just follow the newest trends, they establish them. Bet365 promotions are too many to be presented in this short article. The easiest way to get information on the exact bonus you will benefit most from is to visit their website and check the promotions menu. Those of you who like to bet on sports different from football, will be nicely surprised at the bonus variety. There are offers for various other markets, too, such as Horse racing, Greyhound racing, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, etc. Besides all that, the highly competitive odds of Bet365 are the real factor that had them placed in our selection.

The third bookmaker featured in our Top 3 list are Betfair. Being the largest sports exchange in the world, they are able to provide odds that are among the best on the internet.


Bookmakers Offering the Richest Selection of Bets

In terms of betting markets offered our top three picks are: Bet365, Betfair and William Hill. Bet365 and Betfair do not simply offer very good odds, they feature some of richest betting markets, as well. Undoubtedly, William Hill deserve their place here, too. All three bookmakers are famous for the innovative bet types they provide.

At the sporstbooks mentioned above you can find much wider range of bets than at most online bookmakers. You can bet on dozens of sports and hundreds of competitions. Football, as we all know, concentrates the interest of most punters. In response to this interest the leading bookmakers are offering more and more betting options. William Hill, for example, are known to provide special football bets which are not necessarily related to a particular game. They offer bets on the moment a manager will be sacked or on the chance that a player makes it to the national team, for instance. William Hill football markets are full of interesting, even bizarre bets, but that is not the thing they stand out with. Their Horse and Greyhound Racing markets put them ahead of most competitors. Best Odds Guaranteed is a feature every horse racing bettor can benefit from. Here is an explanation of the way it works: in case you have placed your bet in advance but the Starting price turns to be higher than the one at the time you backed you horse, William Hill will pay you off according to the higher price. Bet 365 and Betfair are also bookmakers you should check out if betting markets variety is important for you.


The Best Mobile Betting Sites

Betting is developing as fast as technologies do. Mobile betting is the latest hip. Bookmakers, of course, are trying to be up-to-date with customers' needs, therefore all reliable sportsbooks have created fully functional mobile websites and applications. The advantages of mobile betting are obvious, you can use bookmaker services no matter where you are at the moment. If you are interested, you can always find good apps at www.bestbettingapps.info. Our top favourites, Bet365 and Betfair rank high in terms of their mobile betting platforms. Ladbrokes also should be admired for the mobile betting service they provide. All three bookmakers have developed their mobile websites at the same high level as their regular ones.


The Best Live Betting Sites

Bookmakers have reinvented the wheel with the emergence of live betting. Everybody wants to bet while the action is taking place. Objectively speaking, only the biggest bookmakers can afford to provide high-quality live betting services. The streams from the events, the news updates, and wide markets require resources most sportsbooks don't have. Bet365 and Betfair certainly are able to offer the best live betting experience possible.

Beside them William Hill is the other bookmaker which is worth mentioning. They have their own Live stream channel (called WHTV) and numerous audio podcasts. That combined with the tremendous live markets they provide makes them one of the very best bookmakers in the field of live betting. Sports- and betting-related media are always useful, but it's not the reason why you decide to sign up with a bookmaker. William Hill meet the highest standards concerning live betting options and odds, thus you may think about opening an account with them.

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