The most accurate information on web betting

Online betting is one of people's favourite leisure time activities nowadays. Some years ago there was certain social tension on the subject, but the present perspective is free of all past prejudices and fears. Technological development has led us to a point where money transactions and the overall bookmaking business are fully transparent and secure. The online betting boom has resulted in significant improvement in the bookmaking services, especially compared with those at betting shops. Firstly, now you can bet from the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you, and secondly, because of the fierce competition, bookmakers offer much better odds than they used to. The regulatory framework is strict, many administrative bodies and institutions are obligated to monitor the implementation of both gambling and financial laws. The Gambling Commission (GC) is the organization which has the responsibility to supervise all betting activities in the UK. Our team has examined the bookmaking market, and the valuation of the presented operators is based on GC's attestations, our own observations and most importantly, on fellow bettors' opinions.

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Popular bet types

The bookmaking market, as already mentioned, is highly competitive, thus the variety of bets is tremendous. Here is a brief explanation of the most popular bets.

Popular bet types

Single bet

An absolute classic. Simply said, a single bet wins or loses depending on the outcome of one event. It is easy to calculate the profit of a winning. You just need to multiply the amount of the stake by the given odds. Example: Team A is playing against team B. The odds for team A to win are 3/1. You bet £10 on them. If they manage to win, you get £30.

Accumulator bet

An accumulator bet is the perfect way to get a maximum return on a minimal investment. A single bet usually offers modest odds for winning. By contrast, an accumulator bet gives you the chance to bet on multiple outcomes with a single stake. If you, for instance, make four single bets worth £1 each, as follows:

  • £1 on Liverpool to beat West Ham at odds 1/2 = potential return of £1.50
  • £1 on Chelsea to beat Everton at odds 1/2 = potential return of £1.50
  • £1 on Man City to beat Sunderland at odds 1/2 = potential return of £1.50
  • £1 on Arsenal to beat Southampton at odds 1/2 = potential return of £1.50

At the end, even if you have predicted all the matches correctly, you will get £10 (of which £4 is your original stake). However, if you place your £4 on the same matches as an accumulator bet, you will pocket £20.25, because in that case the original stake of £4 will be multiplied by all four odds. Of course, all four bets must win or you will lose your money.

System bet

System bets are a bit more complex. They provide the possibility of winning big, 'accumulator fashion', while maintaining a 'hedge' in case one or more of your predictions fails. Here is an example of the simple 2-out-of-3 system. Let's say you have picked three bets. Using the 2-out-of-3 system, you will make profit even if you guess one of them wrong. Bear in mind that in order to make some money in this particular case, your two winning bets should be at odds not lower than 2/1 each.


Live Betting - a new exciting experience

Bet365 live betting Live betting became a total hit among sports punters. Its popularity is still rising, namely because of the fact it's very suitable for football bets. The main differences between traditional and Live betting are that A) in Live betting, you make your decisions based on tendencies you see in the game, and B) the odds are changing constantly. So, if for example a football match you are watching has just started and you see that both teams play all guns blazing, you might be more likely to predict that the first goal will be scored soon, or if one of the players has been shown the red card, you can easily conclude that the opposite team is having greater chances now. Live betting is a primary choice for bettors who can 'read' the game, who are able to gain information from patterns of play and use it. Try Bet365 Live Betting and get your welcome bonus up to £200!


Online Betting on your mobile device

The main and most obvious advantage of mobile betting is the fact that you can bet anytime, anywhere. All well-established bookmakers provide mobile service at the same high level they do on their traditional websites. You can access sportsbooks through a browser or through an App. As already noted, big bookmakers put enough efforts in order to guarantee full betting experience for mobile users as well. There is another benefit we should mention – most bookmakers offer special bonuses and promotions for mobile users.


Welcome Bonus

Bonuses and promotions are a powerful marketing tool that all decent bookmakers use. Welcome bonus (or sign-up bonus) is an important criterion when you choose bookmaker. Traditionally, UK residents are offered free bets when they open a new account. Certain requirements are imposed, though. In most cases you are required to make a qualifying bet in order to receive your welcome bonus. Qualifying bets are, generally, bets which are made at odds equal to or higher than 3/2. Specific bonus conditions vary from one bookmaker to another, of course. It's important to read the small print before you deposit any cash. All bookmakers listed below are trusted and their welcome bonuses have been checked. If you already have an account with one of them, just choose any of the others and get the welcome bonus you want.


Betting tips

There are four simple concerns every successful bettor is aware of. Betting theory is a complex issue with many facets. We are not going to discuss the more complicated strategies, yet these fundamental principles are essential if you want to make some profit out of your bets.

  • Money management: Probably the most crucial topic. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the significance of money management. Here is the ABC of good betting investment: A)Your bankroll should be totally separate from the money you need for your day-to-day expenses, B) You shouldn't place more than 10% of your bankroll on one bet only, and C) You should avoid emotional betting decisions.
  • Rates comparison: Always make sure you have compared the odds given by different bookmakers. Just bear in mind that your goal is to make the biggest possible profit, thus you'd better spend some time checking out the alternatives.
  • Bonuses and promotions: A very important matter, especially if you are a beginner. Do a research on sportsbooks' promotions and take advantage of them. Most bookmakers offer a welcome bonus for their new sign-ups. In case you are at the beginning of your betting experience, you may consider opening accounts with more than one bookmaker. You will be able to build a bankroll without investing much, that way.
  • Statistics and additional info: The quantity and quality of the information you have on an event you want to bet on will make the difference between winning and losing. The more detailed and accurate information you gain, especially from some proven sources, the higher your chances of picking the right bets will be. Analysing some data concerning similar betting circumstances will definitely help you become a successful bettor.